The three-day diet


I mentioned the three-day diet on Tuesday night and several people seemed interested.  Perhaps you could put it on the website with the Tuesday night stuff?


Three Day Diet

Day 1.

Breakfast 1/2 grapefruit - slice toast -2oz peanut butter or 2oz baked beans

Lunch Slice toast -4oz Tuna

Supper 2 slices cold met -4oz beetroot -cup green beans-apple 4oz Vanilla Ice cream

Day 2

Breakfast 1/2 banana- slice toast -boiled egg

Lunch 4oz cottage cheese -5 TUC biscuits

Supper 2 hot dog sausages 4oz broccoli- 2oz carrots  banana 4oz Vanilla Ice cream

Day 3

Breakfast Slice cheddar cheese - small apple- 5 TUC biscuits

Lunch Slice toast  hard boiled egg

Supper 4oz tuna - 4oz beetroot -  4oz cauliflower-half small honeydew melon - 4oz Vanilla Ice cream

Drink Black tea or coffee or water

You may switch meals around but should not substitute for items as apparently it all works by chemical balances

Theoretically you should lose 8lbs in the 3 days.