Kens Notes on Burning CDs (See also Jon's Notes)


Based on WinOnCD


Precautions -

Check the speed of the CDs, make sure you can run them at the rated speed, and no faster, they can explode like grinding wheels and wreck your CD Drive


Common Options

New Data CD

Append Session

Copy CD

CD Digital Audio


New Data CD

Useful for Backups

If set 'multisession CD' and 'Track at once', then further data can be written with 'Apend Session'

Append Session



Copy CD


CD Digital Audio







Copy CD

Open Recorder

Set to record

Play with WinAmp

Save File


Close CD

Write Immediately

Speed =1x

Disc/session at Once

Cache all Data

Write CD


Write Audio CDs at 1x speed


Write Data CD (Multisession CD, Track at Once)


Append Data CD (Multisession CD, Track at Once)



Jon's Notes on CD Burning

Nero is more flexible than Roxio Easy CD Creator

Interface is not so easy to use because of copyright cloned no longer available.  Been replaced by DVD Clone.  Various other software packages available

Website info:-

Useful for CD Patches, No CD EXE, Write Protection, Info, Eg, Safedisc



What do you want to do?


Copy Music

Use 80 minute CDs

Use Adaptec Easy CD Creator or Roxio

Nero writing software

(Built in Xp - Write to drive

Copy Games

Pre 2000, use Adaptec or Nero

Post 2000, Clone CD or DVD Clone

Create image on hard drive

Use 80 minute CDs

Burn CD

Back-up files

From Hard Drive / Flashcard / Smartmedia photos

Copy from files Eg My Photos or Drag&drop, using Direct CD for CDRW